Male Humpback Escorts

Male Humpback escorts play an important role in the migration as these protective boys act as bodyguards for the mother and calf pods on the long journey south. Today was a very interesting morning with the whales as we observed multiple mother and calf pods resting and socialising with plenty of wonderful pec slapping as the mother whales encouraged their calves to call out and attract attention towards themselves. One female calf was busy tail slapping away as she mimicked what her mum had completed earlier before rolling over and joining in with some pec slapping as well. The mothers were very relaxed and enjoying a beautiful morning in the resting grounds. Energy shifted as a few bachelor males moved into the area as one mother whale became grumpy with one of the boys very cheeky and forward approach. 

He was swimming belly to belly underneath her as she placed her calf onto her back and worked hard to keep the male away, trumpeting from both mother and her calf could be heard. A second bachelor male just ahead launched into big head lunges which settled the other male as he calmed down and began to swim with mum and calf away from the possible challenger. He didn’t need to worry though as that male had already located a second mother and calf who he was now approaching enthusiastically. She seemed happy to have the company and we noticed another female begin to pec slap further ahead as she attempted to call this bachelor male over to her instead. The initial approach can be very exciting for the males and unsettle the mothers and calves but once they have relaxed the females are more likely to welcome them into the pod where they will become the male Humpback escorts for the next stage of their migration.

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