Male Orca Rough Play

Male Orca rough play it was today as Wonks, Stormy and Echo enjoyed a very social morning and amongst all the wrestling and chasing they launched into plenty of spectacular breaches and tail lobs. A cosy morning escorted us out to the sighting grounds as the gentle rain began to clear and on our arriving blows were sighted just ahead. Queen surfaced with a few more of her family members as we also observed Cooee and Echo hanging out with them this morning. Queen came over for a big greeting before leaving the boys with us and heading off with Cooee and the others. The boys were now left to hang out together and were thrilled for a morning of fun as they wrestled and chased one another. It was fascinating to watch as youngster Stormy was allowed to hangout with the two older boys as he begins the maturing process and we see his attitude change where he now wants to spend more time socialising with the older males rather than just the youngsters in his family pod.

Wonks kept a good eye out for his little brother as they chased after Echo throughout the morning as Echo was sure he was able to win a few of the wrestling matches as well. Launching into breaching, tail slapping and lobbing we could see the joy amongst the boys. At one point they got a little rough as Stormy bit the flank of Echo and created a small wound. Echo responded by tail lobbing powerfully and it was interesting to watch how these wounds we often see on young male Orca are inflicted. It will heal fine and without their moms watching over the boys they can sometimes play a bit too rough with rake marks and small wounds a normal part of play for them. Eventually it was time to regroup as we observed five family pods now moving together and spending the entire day socialising, foraging for squid and eventually moving back towards The Patch. Close on 60 individuals were observed today and it was fantastic to see them all having a wonderful time together. Big males El Notcho and Hercules also enjoyed a spot of socialising as well before they joined back together for the journey back to home base for the evening of foraging ahead for them all after another magnificent day with the Orca of Bremer Bay.

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