Mama Mia

A very special day as Common Dolphins were sighted on all of our tours and in the afternoon they decided to have some fun with a pod of two Humpback Whales that elegantly twisted and turned on the oceans surface carefully matching every move of the nimble Dolphins. Much to our amazement two Humpbacks became three as a young yearling decided he wanted to join in on the fun and they also included us in this very social pod… we enjoyed every second!

Often these interactions do not last for long but the three Humpbacks and fifteen Common Dolphins played and interacted for over an hour until we quietly left them to continue their fun, which was still going even as we made our way back to the Augusta Boat Harbour. These unique interactions are so special and Flinders Bay offers the perfect opportunity as resting Humpbacks meet the local Dolphins who seem more than happy to share some of their time to have a bit of fun!

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