Marching Orca from Bremer Bay

The Orca are marching into March as Noosa and her family pod moved through the canyon on a mission today and food was on their mind. A steady pace was set and with Noosa leading, the entire family spread out in a marching formation as they covered ground and searched intently for their next meal. Squid can be hard to find if you are not looking carefully and we watched as all Orca in the family moved with precision and sleek surface behaviour marching through the canyon and into feeding grounds we haven’t visited since January. A quick increase in speed and regrouping from the family resulted in a large oil slick forming at the surface as a well deserved meal was shared below in the depths. Continuing onwards it wasn’t long before a decision was made by Noosa and the entire family turned tail and began moving back towards the Patch with everyone  in the family pod regrouping and continuing back home. Noosa and her son Urkel joined together and after four days of social interaction with other individuals and pods it was nice to see Noosa and her family back to their usual pod dynamics. Daughters and their calves travelling together with Noosa and Urkel riding the outside and observing from afar. The Australian Sea Lions were also enjoying the sunshine today with a few still bunkering high and dry… trying to get back down to water level may prove to be problematic though!

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