Margaret River Independent School 2019

Margaret River Independent School joined us for a fun morning learning all about the Language of the Whales™ and sighting some spectacular breaching from competing Humpback Whales! Smiling faces greeted us and as we went through our safety procedures everyone made sure to understand where our muster stations were located along with our lifejackets. Safety speech completed and everyone ready to go, we lifted off the jetty and began to depart the Augusta Boat Harbour with much excitement onboard. A very friendly Pacific Gull journeyed with us and helped the children keep a close eye open for our visiting Humpback Whales. Travelling past the Abalone Farm, everyone pointed out the dive boats and divers flags showing them hard at work.

Moments later a huge plume of white water lit up the horizon as Humpbacks began to breach and we knew that something interesting was bubbling just up ahead. Making a curious approach as everyone secured prime position on the bow, we watched carefully just up ahead when suddenly another enormous Humpback launched skywards and we all jumped with joy!

Incredible to watch as forty five tonnes landed with a loud thud on the surface and the following whale leapt into a huge head lunge right alongside. We had come across a competition pod and as the three males busily chased after the female, she continued to show off with some beautiful breaching. Her competitive male escort did his best to try and deter any further males from approaching with further, more dominant head lunges. A very special opportunity to observe some of the most incredible surface activity and a perfect example for the children onboard on how our whales communicate by using their powerful bodies to create signature sounds.

Margaret River Independent School 2019 Whale Whale Watch Western Australia©13

A pleasure to have had the Margaret River Independent School onboard for Season 2019, you are all very passionate towards your backyard and the beautiful whales and wildlife who live here. Thank you to the wonderful teachers and parents for assisting in organising this special morning and we are very much looking forward to seeing you all again next season!