Margaret River Whales

Humpback Whales are currently travelling north along the Western Australian coastline and timing their migration perfectly to catch the worlds best surfers at the Margaret River Pro! Margaret River Whales enjoy a quick look once they pass by the Margaret River region, but first stop is fun in Flinders Bay! The juveniles were enjoying the protected conditions as the offshore winds moved through, a perfect example of why these resting grounds are so important for our visiting whales. A young Humpback Whale surfaced alongside and we watched as she started to make her way towards the coastline. In typical juvenile fashion she decided to launch into some dominant peduncle lobs, tail slap and even an enormous breach as she investigated us a little bit closer. At this younger age group we will often observe curious individuals communicating the Language of the Whales™ towards us and other species of cetacean and marine mammals. Establishing their dominance they will then approach us to investigate further, slightly different from more mature whales who tend to be very direct with their messaging. Once their confidence builds and they gain further experience these juveniles will master the art of communicating in clear and precise fashion, but the practice is all part of the fun! The baitfish schools were still around today as further feeding activity amongst the birds were sighted. An extraordinary feat for the Gannets to masterfully handle the wind and execute the perfect dive to capture their meal… 10 out of 10!

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