Meet D-Spot

A magnificent whale was sighted today and we named him D-Spot after the spot of white on his dorsal fin and we will have no troubles in recognising this whale should we meet him again one day. A competition pod this morning had everyone onboard hearts racing as they dived and chased each other only meters away from us and then the breach! Two full body breaches right next to D-Spot and in front of us had everyone onboard in awe of such power and grace.

The unique patterns found on the fluke of every Humpback Whale are just like a fingerprint and it is also useful to have ID images of the dorsal and flanks but in D-Spot’s case you can see he really is a very specially marked whale . The competition pod he was a part of were full of energy and offered us a rare glimpse into the  lives of our Humpback Whales and their competitive spirit! The afternoon also ended with a beautiful breaching Humpback as she gracefully danced across Flinders Bay much to our delight and communicated to the other pods around her for a while before continuing having an afternoon siesta.

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