Meeting Old Friends at Rottnest Island

Today we had a meeting with an old friend at Rottnest Island… but we didn’t know this meeting would be in place until we spied each other in the crowd! A very special whale whom we sighted last year who has only half of his left pectoral fin remaining left a big impression on us and today we jumped with joy to see this wonderful whale once again as that unmistakable pectoral broke the surface. He certainly recognised us before we remembered him as his social interaction with another whale paused briefly as he raced straight over towards us and once his pectoral broke the surface we instantly knew who he was, our dear old friend who we had not seen in over a year! It is always a joyous occasion to meet any whale but when we have built a friendship with such a special whale over a year ago and meeting again today it felt like nothing had changed, how wonderful is that! Our magnificent whales always bring so much joy to our lives and we couldn’t be happier to see our dear friend looking well and living the Humpback life socialising and frolicking just off Rottnest Island.

It was fascinating to watch as he enjoyed practicing duelling flukes with his buddy just off our bow, exactly the same behaviour we sighted from him on the 18th of September last season. A mother and her calf along with a juvenile Humpback Whale were also joining in the conversation as we watched a perfect example of the Language of the Whales™ as each pod communicated towards each other with spectacular surface activity. A very special day that even had the local Bottlenose Dolphins coming over to check things out while we enjoyed every moment catching up with our old mate at the local hangout near Rottnest Island, how good it was to see him again!

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