Megaptera Novaeangliae Journey Continues

Megaptera novaeangliae journey continues as thousands of Humpback Whales continue to make their journey south past the coast of Perth. Today was another beautiful spring morning as we moved out to the sighting grounds with much excitement to see who we would find today. Our first pod was a relaxed mother, calf and male escort making their way through the resting grounds calmly. Swimming closely together and efficiently covering ground is was wonderful to see the protective male escort watching over mother and calf as they moved as one. It soon became clear why they were wanting to get going as out to our starboard side we could see a commotion starting up as multiple pods began to converge.

It was four mothers and their calves looking for some social time as the little ones excitedly began to breach. One calf in particular launched into a brilliant full body breach and what a cheeky little show off this youngster was! The calves began to twist and roll all around each other as the mothers also seemed excited by the opportunity to socialise and allow their calves to have some fun. It was efficient playtime as well with all pods moving together across the resting grounds and making their way towards the departure lounge as it has been nicknamed. Wonderful photo ID opportunities as well today with the females often lifting their enormous flukes high and providing the perfect ID image to capture. Megaptera novaeangliae journey continues on as mothers and the next generation make their way south together and we wish them the safest of journeys ahead.

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