Migrating with the Easterlies

Migrating with the easterlies in the waters off Perth today as two beautiful Humpback Whales cruised through the resting grounds and towards the Humpback freeway. It was a beautiful spring morning with a turquoise sea, warm easterly breeze and with that breeze scattered butterflies and moths caught up in the morning migration to the east. Scanning the horizon we could see every Crested Tern crash landing into the ocean to try and capture breakfast as flying fish whizzed past the bow. A large breach just ahead was followed up by some powerful tail lobs and boisterous surfacing as two adult whales surfaced together. It was surprising to see an escort pod this late in the southbound migration but that is the excitement of each tour as there is no guarantee of the whales and behaviours we will observe, each day is like unwrapping a present! 

The male was very protective of his female companion and ensured that he was in charge of the interaction as both whales settled into cruise control. A steady and consistent pattern of movement out towards Rottnest Island allowed us to follow the easterly breeze which had almost completely disappeared as the variety of insects caught up in that breeze now seemed unsure of where to go next as they settled around the boat. The whales were relaxed and surfaced closer and closer each time as they became familiar with our vessel and curious towards everyone onboard. Shoulder blades could be seen as they both showed the physical challenges this incredible migration provides with both whales having lost a lot of weight since they left Antarctica in the Autumn. A beautiful day with this lovely pod as we count down the last days for Season 2022 and enjoy every last moment with the magnificent Humpback Whales of WA.

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