Minke Madness

Geographe Bay held a big surprise for us today that no one was expecting to see… Minke whales! These wonderful baleen whales are known to frequent the West Australian coastline but sightings of them are extremely rare. You can imagine our great surprise when out of the blue (literally) three of these little whales popped up to say hello! We managed to get photo ID of all three individuals within the small pod and this was not the easiest of tasks as they surfaced efficiently and quickly.

Because sightings of Minke whales along the West Australian coast are few and far between we still have a lot to learn about the life cycle and migration pattern of these whales along our coastline. Living for up to 60 years there is certainly a story to be told and it was a very special moment today to have had the opportunity to meet these wonderful and very fast little whales!

ID Log
Date – 6.9.16
Species – Minke
Lat – 33 . 49. 14 Long – 115 . 23 . 91
Notes – Pod of three, curious of vessel before continuing on their way north