Moments with Orca Calf Milli

Moments with Orca calf Milli in Bremer Bay were very special today as tiny calf Milli spent her time socialising and playing with her pod members and welcomed us into the pod all morning. Shortly after arriving the call went out as Orca were just up ahead and the first pod of the morning was Blade and his family who were cruising through The Patch. Also right next to us was B-Slice and his family pod who were very relaxed and enjoying a laid back start to their Friday morning activities. The adults continued to move out west as the calves were left to get up to some mischief and fun! Milli came charging towards us with her mum right alongside, so very excited to see us and in the mood for playtime. She was lift up with the swell as her tiny body wriggled to stay in mums slipstream as they rocketed through the swell and towards our bow time and time again.

It was so much fun that slightly older calf Eddie couldn’t help but join in with the activities. It was incredible to watch as the two calves chased after each other while both mothers took turns in baby-sitting duties, watching over the calves to ensure they didn’t wander too far away. Looking carefully at the images you cans see the subtle teeth rake marks from playful interactions on Eddie, just like puppies the young calves can get a little rambunctious as they start to learn the strength of their jaws and sharp teeth but those markings will heal perfectly fine. B-Slice and Hookfin both cruised along with their massive dorsal fins well and truly bigger than Milli, but she will grow fast and already seems to have taken to B-Slice with much adoration as she spends much of her time travelling close to him. Wandering Albatross Joined The Pod as we surged back towards The Patch with all pod members creating Orca fireworks as they went. A wonderful day spending moments with Orca calf Milli and her family pod in Bremer Bay as we watch her grow and develop quickly.

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