Moody Day

Today finally felt like winter time! Moody skies created many beautiful photo opportunities as Flinders Bay and her rugged coastline put on their winter charm⛅❄

A quite afternoon out on the bay except for one pod who were racing around like crazy whales! Plenty of energy in this pod as they moved through the bay with great speed and agility, even though many of the whales we see can weigh in at 45 tonnes it never ceases to amaze just how fast and graceful they are with their movement.

Tomorrow is set to be a fun day in Augusta as we celebrate the Blessing of The Fleet with market stalls, fresh coffee and delicious food all found at the Augusta Boat Harbour. Join the lovely Augusta community for a morning of market fun and see the fantastic facilities that the harbour has to offer… it really is a beautiful spot and the perfect place to relax on a Sunday morning with coffee in hand!

ID Log
Date – 4.6.16
Species – Humpback
Lat – 34 . 22 . 4 Long – 115 . 12 . 4
Notes – Large adult in pod of three