More Blue Whales Passing Perth

More Blue Whales passing Perth as this morning we met another two magnificent Blue Whales migrating a few hundred meters away from Cottesloe Beach. It was an exhilarating start to our morning as shortly after departing the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour the tall, lofty blow of a very large whale appeared on our starboard side. Approaching the area we scanned carefully for the next surfacing as a short time later the powerful, familiar blow and surfacing of the worlds largest creature appeared. It was two beautiful Blue Whales migrating together extremely close to the coastline and seeking the shelter and protection that this migration path provides. A once in a lifetime moment for our Pod Members onboard to be in the right place at the right time to see not one but two Blue Whales migrating so close to Perth. The mottled grey skin and healing Cookie Cutter Shark bite wounds create such distinctive patterns on Blue Whales that are used for identification. These two Blues surfaced right alongside us as they continued to make their way steadily through the sighting grounds to continue their long journey south.

Wishing them well we continued out to a spot we had sighted Humpback Whales in earlier and arriving the muffled blow of Humpback calves were all around. Half a dozen mothers and calves were resting and relaxing in the morning conditions as the little ones seemed to amuse themselves. Twisting and rolling around their mums the calves found a way to pass the time as mother whale slept after what has been an epic journey for her. Living for over four months without a meal, giving birth to and raising a calf while navigating thousands of kilometres avoiding Orca and curious bachelor males is an extraordinary feat. The females make it look effortless but they work very hard to ensure that their trip is a safe one and is one of the many reasons why our Humpback Whale populations have made such an incredible recovery. It was another magnificent day meeting more Blue Whales passing Perth and watching new calves and their dedicated mothers enjoy the peace of the resting rounds.

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