Mother Humpbacks Spectacular Breach

A spectacular moment today as a mother Humpback Whale launched 40+ tonnes skyward right next to our vessel as we watched an incredible breach! She then swam directly towards our bow with her calf, showing off her little one to everyone onboard as we watched in awe the size difference between mother and calf. Mum weighing in at forty thousand kilograms and baby closer to four thousand kilograms, the size difference may be enormous but the female is still able to precisely land after her breach without any chance of harming her calf. The little one will also quickly Learn the Language of the Whales™ through mums surface activity and how to perform a perfectly executed breach.

The second pod we interacted with this morning did not have a calf following along, instead these two large adults were enjoying some relax time together as an escort pod. One of the individuals was so white that his entire body glowed below the waters surface as he swam along. It was easy to track the movements of this particular Humpback Whale who cruised just below the surface as the sunlight reflected off of his white body. Breaking the surface we could see that along his back remained the grey racing stripe from tip of the rostrum to tip of the fluke, but everything to the sides and downwards was glowing white, a beautiful whale that will be easy to identify in future seasons.

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