Mother Of Pearl Smiles

Today we looked at the most beautiful smile in the world… Mother Of Pearls smile! The rain was gently falling today on a beautiful calm morning and we were enjoying these peaceful moments watching Pearl and her mum when all of a sudden Mother Of Pearl lifted her rostrum out of the water and opened her mouth to reveal an enormous smile with shining baleen. Absolutely amazing to see the baleen of a Southern Right Whale and everyone onboard also had mouths wide open in awe!

Because our whales spend their feeding months in Antarctica we never get the opportunity to see the adult whales open their mouths and show off those incredible baleen plates as they do when feeding. To see this today was a true privilege and a very special moment for everyone on board and one we won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

She then decided to roll over onto her back while Pearls little white fluke lay across her belly and Pearl seemed very excited to be a part of Mums game, it is very special to watch these gentle interactions between a mother and calf. We were still completely blown away by what we just witnessed and will always remember that moment Mother Of Pearl decided to grin that cheeky smile our way!