Mother Of Pearl Sunbathing

Mother Of Pearl was trying to catch a few rays today and tan up her belly in time for our fast approaching Spring… just kidding! Although it certainly did look like she had rolled onto her back to do a bit of sunbathing she seemed to be trying to stop Pearl from having another feed. Since Pearl is starting to grow in size (and character!) she can begin to hassle mum constantly to be fed which is slightly annoying for mum when she is getting more than enough dinner!

Little Pearl was “climbing” all over her mum, deliberately lying herself on top of Mother Of Pearls blowhole and every time mum would surface Pearl would land with a plop on the other side much to our great amusement! We certainly had a good laugh and a lot of fun today watching these two interact with each other and it is really amazing what a young calf will do to try and convince their mum they need more food, although we all know they had a feed only a few moments ago.

Two Humpbacks cruised past the Augusta Marina this morning and on their way to the reef line they met a pod of 5-10 Bottlenose Dolphins who swam over to say a quick hello with the youngest Dolphin in the pod, a young calf, looking very pleased and excited to have met two new giant friends by racing around them at full speed!


ID Log
Date – 13.8.16
Species – Humpback
Lat – 34 . 21. 12 Long – 115 . 10 . 69
Notes – Breathe holder pod, short interaction with Bottlenose dolphin pod