Mum Shows Off Leeuwi!

Little Leeuwi the baby Humpback who was born on the 28th of June and his mum have provided us with some incredible moments for our season so far in Augusta, but today she decided it was time to show off her baby Leeuwi! After spending a few minutes with this pod we quickly recognised Leeuwi who is now as dark as his mum which is great news as this is a normal transition for young calves as they get a bit older.

As we watched mother and calf everyone suddenly became very excited when mum decided to come over and show off her precious baby. Little Leeuwi slowly moved towards us with mum just underneath him and they both had a good look at everyone on the bow! These sort of interactions you just don’t see here in Flinders Bay as our baby Humpbacks are born further north, but of course Leeuwi is a very special little whale❤

A pod of two older whales moved towards us and once again mum and Leeuwi stayed close to us before deciding that the other pod was not a threat to them and continued on their way. What an incredibly special moment to have a mother Humpback bring her very vulnerable baby and show him to us, this takes an enormous amount of trust from the female and we felt very privileged to have become close friends with this extraordinary Humpback family!

ID Log
Date – 24.7.16
Species – Humpback
Lat – 34 . 21. 03 Long – 115 . 12 . 19
Notes – Left side of mothers dorsal fin