New Bremer Bay Orca Calf

New Bremer Bay Orca calf Willow was sighted today along with Orca calf Warnie as Hermes showed us how healthy and happy her family pod is since our interaction with them late last season. It was a lovely morning to be back out on the water again and arriving in The Patch we were surrounded by Shearwaters, Albatross and Orca! Kidji and family were travelling closely together and moving out in forage mode as they covered ground efficiently. A beautiful sight to see an Orca family moving as one and as they pushed out of The Patch we smiled as a familiar face raced up to say g’day. Orca calf Eddie zoomed in on our bow excitedly and seemed extremely happy to see everyone today as he travelled alongside with much enthusiasm.

Shortly afterwards the rest of his family pod arrived as Lucy led the way and the family settled into travel mode. The day was busy with relaxed and focused Orca as both families covered ground efficiently and we found ourselves a long way to the west. Eddie had found a friend in a young male we have not seen for a while and the two enjoyed chasing each other and bow riding along with us as they approached a pod just ahead of them.  Eddie peeled back as we waved goodbye and suddenly had three young calves barrelling in towards the Steep Point in a big hurry. A family we have not observed since March last season, it was Hermes and her family pod who had a rather big surprise to show us. First and foremost little Warnie the Orca calf observed last season was looking fantastic and now as a one year old it is always a relief to see them succeed in those first twelve months of life. The second surprise was a brand new Orca calf aged between 4-6 weeks of age and swimming beautifully with the family pod.

Officially the youngest Bremer Bay Orca calf currently on record and a brand new member of this population, what a wonderful surprise Hermes had for us today! The little ones also have three older siblings ranging from 2-4 years of age who were over the moon to see us as they raced around our bow, stern and surfed along with us enthusiastically. The youngest member of this family has been named Willow with inspiration for this name from older sibling Warnie. Little Willow is travelling with a very important pod member named Warnie after cricket legend Shane Warne. The two Orca calves seem extremely close and as they are only one year apart will keep this close relationship for life. The worlds finest cricket bats are made from Willow trees and we know that Orca calf Willow will be just as strong, resilient and adaptable as the Willow tree.

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