New Bremer Bay Orca Calves

New Bremer Bay Orca calves were a wonderful surprise today as we met two gorgeous calves and their lovely family pod. It was a beautiful day to be Orca watching as we scanned the horizon for the distinctive movement of birds as we arrived in The Patch. Five minutes after arriving the call went out and Orca surfaced just up ahead, the entire family pod was on the hunt. It was fantastic to see the magnificent Maleko looking bigger and stronger again from last year along with Kidji and Tatty happily swimming amongst the family pod. Two beautiful calves began to approach and we were excited to observe both calves were of a very similar age group and new members of the family pod who were both approximately one year old.

They raced over to say hello and we have named these two peas in a pod Cubs and Cubby. It is very exciting to observe two calves who were both born at a very similar time last season. Growing up together will be a wonderful adventure for these two young Orca and already they appear to be inseparable… that is until its milk time as they return back to their mothers for a feed! Cubs and Cubby spent the day exploring and checking us out before returning back to the family pod as the adults focused in on foraging. It was wonderful to spend some time with this lovely family on such a beautiful day and add two new Bremer Bay Orca calves to the ever growing catalogue.

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