New Bremer Canyon Orca Calf

Season 2019 has started with a wonderful addition, a new Bremer Canyon Orca calf that has filled the canyon with the little pitter patter of baby Orca antics! The little one was first sighted on Tuesday 8th of January as she surfaced alongside her mum WA026 Flapper. Last year it took a few days to identify Flapper as she had lost the loose skin on her dorsal fin and after closer examination we became familiar with her new and improved dorsal. Little did we know at the time but Miss Flapper was actually 7-12 months pregnant in Season 2018! Flapper appears to be one of the eldest daughters of much loved WA008 Split Tip who is the matriarch of the family pod. Sighting Flapper and her calf for the first time we noticed that Split Tip who we have affectionately nicknamed Queen (she is royalty in the Bremer Canyon!) was always keeping within a body length of the calf. This behaviour has continued as both Queen and Flapper keep little Stormy close to them at all times and ensure she is learning from the wisest Orca in the family, her Grandma. It is beautiful to watch the nurturing and protective behaviour of Queen who is acting very much like every proud Grandma does when a Grandchild arrives as a wonderful new addition to the family. Stormy is the latest addition to the Whale Watch catalogue as WHALEWATCH01 and we are very excited to watch her grow and thrive, welcome to the world Stormy!