New Bremer Orca Calves Identified

New Bremer Orca calves identified and it is time to meet the newest addition to the Bremer Bay Orca family… meet Grace (WWWAbb03). Today was a very special day as we met three different family pods (Noosa, Queen and Alki) who were busy foraging in the Patch. During our time with Alki and her family we all watched as the family pod seemed huddled together when a sudden orange flash popped up. Looking carefully again and nuzzled in close amongst the entire family was a brand new Orca calf, a precious new addition to this family pod. Absolutely gorgeous and keeping up with the pod, this tiny calf was accompanied by mum Dot and a very protective Slater. Alki and her family continued to spend their morning with us and as members of Queen or Noosa’s pod approached, Dot and the rest of her family would gently nudge little Grace towards our vessel and disappear to the other side. The last time we sighted Alki and her pod was just over a week ago and Dot was not travelling with a calf, which means that Grace is only 5-9 days old and very cute.

A pleasure and privilege to have the entire family introduce us to their new addition and the incredible trust they had to bring little Grace over to us. The afternoon was special as all three family pods joined together (Grace, Dot and Slater stayed a bit further behind from everyone else) as matriarchs Queen and Noosa travelled side by side as the family shared food and Wandering Albatross along with dozens of Shearwaters swirled above the large oil slicks that were forming. A very special and memorable day out in the Bremer Canyon and it now means that Season 2020 has celebrated the arrival of two new calves so far with our fist calf sighted on January 18th and belonging to female Kirra which means leaf in Noonga. We have decided to name her calf Djarlma (WWWAbb02) which means forrest as this Orca family begins to grow with their newest addition.

Kirra’s calf Djarlma sighted on 18th January 2020

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