New Friends

Today we met two new friends that were very big and extremely friendly! Two young male Humpbacks decided they would come over and introduce themselves to us and we could see the fresh scarring from all of their competitions they have been involved in already this season. After sitting quietly with us for a while they picked up on some energy from a female close by and took off after her. We said our goodbyes and met a very relaxed Southern Right Whale mother and calf who brought her baby over to us for a quick look.


Suddenly, the female Southern Right decided to move close towards the shoreline and looking back behind us we could see the reason why… six big Humpbacks racing towards us in a bustling competition pod! Our two new friends, two larger males and Whitey who we recognised instantly from a previous competition pod were all chasing the female around Flinders Bay. After a few quieter days in the Humpback traffic it was very exciting to see the boys still racing after the girls showing off their muscles and seeing Whitey again had us all smiling