New Head Office

What do you think of Whale Watch Western Australia’s new head office… it is the shiny black one to the left with ocean views! This big Humpback had pectoral fins that would have been 4-5 meters in length and while pec slapping away you could forgive us for mistaking that pectoral fin for our new head office building in the Perth CBD. We had an amazing day today with glorious weather and Humpback calves all around us. Two rowdy Humpback males approached one of the mother and calf pods and both tried to impress mum by very calmly pushing each other out of the way. Our ID Individual for today was one of these males and was given the nickname Captain Hook, can you guess why?

On such a calm day many of the mother and calf pods were keeping low profiles so not to attract any attention from close by predators. Many of the females took the opportunity to catch up on some rest and also approached our vessel to show their young calves how to interact with creatures other than whales! The big pectoral slapping was from a pod of two older whales who were communicating with another pod further off in the distance and a local bachelor pod of male Bottlenose Dolphins also said hello today showing distinct scarring from previous encounters with other male Bottlenose Dolphins.

ID Log
Date – 19.10.16
Species – Humpback
Lat – Undisclosed Long – Undisclosed
Nickname – Captain Hook
Notes – One of the males that approached cow/calf pod, very unique dorsal fin