Northern Humpback Whale Migration

The northern Humpback Whale migration is well underway as hundreds of Humpbacks currently move through Flinders Bay and past Cape Leeuwin. A picture perfect day greeted us and we departed to find some sleeping, relaxed whales just outside the Augusta Boat Harbour. Tall exhalations captured our interest and just up ahead a competition pod was well underway as five large males chased after an equally large female. Twisting, turning and circling around and under our vessel we watched on as the competition really began in exceptional style and power. Surging through the bay they began to power towards the Abalone Farm and we stood back to ensure plenty of room for these males who were using the farm and floats as obstacles to try and deter the other competing males. Two more males joined and we now had eight whales competing in beautiful conditions as they swam underneath our vessel, we had very much Joined the Pod! A completion pod is the essence of the northern Humpback Whale migration in Western Australia.

Our afternoon conditions were just as beautiful with blue skies, emerald blue sea and Humpbacks once again surrounding us. Our first interaction was with a sleepy Humpback who had a very heavily pregnant female and her male escort travelling past close by. A competition pod began to rumble and push towards the reef line as a sneaky Southern Right Whale surfaced just up ahead. He seemed relaxed and curious to all of the Humpback activity around him and surfaced for a little while before a graceful tail dive caused him to disappear below. Another competition pod started up and it wasn’t long before the energy had spread and two enormous adults began to breach and head lunge. It was sensational to observe 45 tonnes so gracefully launch skyward and the white water show afterwards was spectacular as we enjoyed another magnificent Augusta day!

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