Olivia Rose

Inspired by one of our youngest guests onboard today we nicknamed the two beautiful young Humpbacks who decided to surprise everyone by surfacing right on our bow! Olivia is the bigger one while Rose was a tiny bit smaller and seemed to be following Olivia’s lead. Hiding underneath us while a big competition pod moved across further away they used our vessel as a bit of protection, hiding in our shadow while the big males moved pass.

Not knowing they were underneath us everyone had a great surprise when both Olivia and Rose surfaced right on our bow and they were both just gorgeous! Such a special moment when you are so close to two magnificent creatures and they were so peaceful. Thank you Olivia Rose for your beautiful name to help give these two special whales names we can remember them by.

Very quite behaviour out on the bay with not much surface activity but plenty of curious Humpbacks (like Olivia and Rose!) who came very close to check us out and say a quick hello. Baitfish were jumping like crazy on the surface today and as their sparkly silver bodies broke the surface it made for a very beautiful sight.

Our wonderfully fun Dolphins also raced over to us today with a lot of speed and were even jumping clear of the water on a few occasions, they must have been on a mission to find those baitfish quickly!

ID Log
Date – 2.7.16
Species – Humpback
Lat – 34 . 21. 49 Long – 115 . 10 . 85
Notes – The larger whale in afternoon pod, both approached vessel