Opera Serenade to Our Whales

We experienced one of the most beautiful moments we have had in Flinders Bay this afternoon as our very talented guest was kind enough to share her incredible talent as she serenaded our whales with a beautiful song❤️ A magical moment we will treasure and remember always.

Our gorgeous baby Humpback calf was again re-sighted today much to everyones excitement and thank you to all of the wonderful name suggestions from our guests. We have combined a couple of our favourite names and are pleased to introduce you to Leeuwi Augustus Flinders! Such a meaningful and regal name is very fitting for our special little Humpback calf.

ID Log
Date – 6.7.16
Species – Humpback
Lat – 34 . 22. 31 Long – 115 . 13 . 36
Notes – Nicknamed “two-tail” after the beautiful pattern of a black tail fluke