Orca Back in The Patch

Orca back in The Patch this morning as after a two day hiatus they were waiting for us on our arrival and ready for a day of foraging and play. Overcast sky and cool breeze ruffled the waters surface as we moved out to the sighting grounds and as we crossed over the shelf all eyes scanned ahead for signs of activity. Blows followed by a tall dorsal fin appeared as Echo and Cooee swam straight over to say good morning as Pod Member Sheri made the call for Orca just ahead. Excitement raced through the vessel as the Orca swam alongside us happily and it was wonderful to see them along with members of Cookie’s family just ahead foraging in the heart of The Patch. Oil slicks appeared and it seemed there was a healthy amount of prey moving below our feet at depth as both Echo and Cooee did well in securing small but tasty meals consistently for over an hour.

Further blows could be observed moving in towards the area so we moved up and smiled to see more familiar faces returning to the sighting grounds, Queen! She meandered over with her family as the little ones raced in excitedly and surrounded us for a big greeting. It is wonderful to have the opportunity of building trust and friendship with the Orca that call these waters home. Watching them approach and actively seek us out to say hello is certainly a very special feeling and after a little while away they seemed pleased to see us as well. The calves continued to spend the rest of their day playing, wrestling and socialising enthusiastically as the elders of the family joined in on the abundant snacking that was happening as oil slicks continued to appear on the surface after each deep foraging dive. Fantastic to see the Orca back in The Patch today and all looking very happy and content after a couple of big travel days in the southern ocean.

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