Orca Biggs Returns to Bremer Canyon

Orca Biggs returns to Bremer Canyon as today the handsome boy surfaced right alongside us and showed off his incredible and very distinctive dorsal fin. It was a wonderful day out on the water as we observed a number of familiar faces in The Patch which we have not seen for a while. Firstly it was some fun with Alki and her family pod as they shuffled through the haze in search of breakfast this morning. The pod then transitioned into members of Queen’s family including Noosa who came over for morning greetings and spent some time with us before it was time to return to foraging. Our next pod was Cheryl and her family including B-Slice as they socialised with a welcome visitor today, it was big boy Irwin! The two boys looked fantastic as they surfaced side by side and showed off each of their unique and stocky dorsal fins.

Playing around the Steep Point with a few mini spy hops we could see them enjoying the opportunity to socialise and mingle together for a while in-between foraging bouts. A tall dorsal just ahead and large pod next caught our attention as we smiled to see the very handsome male Biggs surface right next to us and come in for a friendly and long awaited greeting. A family pod we love spending time with but don’t get to see all the time as they are often further to the west of The Patch. It was wonderful to see them all looking so healthy and happy today as all were accounted for including adorable calves Charlie and Luna. Our very last interaction after a busy day was with sneaky Noosa who came right on over in perfect timing to bid us farewell for another day until we see them again in the morning.

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