Orca Calf Poppy

Orca calf Poppy has certainly made an impression with her sweet and outgoing personality on full display today. It was a wonderful start to our morning as brilliant artist Anne from Mahina Arts had created a beautiful and intricately detailed painting for one lucky Pod Member today. A long time in the making as the beautiful painting had been waiting patiently for its new home for many months and we are very grateful to have had Anne with us today to celebrate the special occasion. Departing the Bremer Bay Boat Harbour we soon arrived in the sighting grounds as a thin oil slick had settled on the oceans surface ahead of us and just on the other side were slinky dorsal fins of our oceans apex predators. The family pod surfaced and it was lovely to say good morning to Cheryl and her pod as they made the most of the squid availability today.

Swimming up behind us and approaching for morning greetings was big boy El Notcho and the family as they began to scour The Patch. Searching steadily they were also successful in locating likely squid with another oil slick forming. Amongst the focused morning activities we were keeping a close eye on little Poppy who was also keeping a closer eye on us! Every chance she could sneak over for a quick look she would as the morning for this young calf was all about play. Currently spending some time travelling with Cookie who doesn’t currently have young calves in her family it was a bit trickier today for Poppy to keep herself amused. In-between visiting us she would race after any small fish, floating seabird or abandoned cuttlefish skeleton floating through the same area her pod were foraging in while looking for food. Towards the early afternoon the families began to converge and it was a perfect time to wish them well as they reorganised for the next phase of the afternoon and evening search patterns.

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