Orca Chaperoned Dating

Orca chaperoned dating is a fascinating insight into the private lives of wild Orca and how the elder family members will often chaperone the females in their pod on an Orca date. Kai has been hanging out in The Patch and socialising with the ladies over the last few days which has been very interesting to observe. Today he was back again and swimming alongside Queen and her family pod as they foraged throughout the morning. The family was busy and successful early as a strong oil slick formed after a deep dive and it indicated that a meal of squid had been captured. Kai joined in on all of the foraging activities and not once looked to be up to any mischief, always following the elder females lead. He wouldn’t want to upset Queen and the family as they forage with any distractions such as flirty behaviour with this situation likely leading him to be kicked out of the pod and visitation time over very quickly. Orca are very intelligent creatures and know to respect the authority in the pod they are travelling with, even if it is not their own pod.

Queen settled in for some relax time and the entire pods demeanour changed as the calves tucked in close to their mums for a rest and we noticed Kai peel back behind the pod. One of the younger females in Queens family joined with him and we smiled to see Kai recognise the family was in a relaxed mood and now was the perfect time for his flirtations to begin! Swimming upside down and chasing her around the two Orca seemed to very much enjoy time swimming after each  other and acting playfully. Orca chaperoned dating is fascinating to watch as while the two of them socialised Queen and all of the other pods members watched on from only a few meters away the entire time. Kai behaved himself and Queen didn’t show any signs of frustration, it seemed the family were enjoying Kai’s company. The pod spread out right next to us and we felt very much welcomed into the families social afternoon as they moved hardly twenty metres after each surfacing. Another wonderful day to spend with the Orca of Bremer Bay and have an insight into the complex dating world of these apex predators.

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