Orca ‘Cooee’

Orca ‘cooee’ call echoed out on a magnificent summers day as we were surrounded by Orca communicating the Language of the Whales with breaching, pec slapping and tail lobbing. A most beautiful day ahead was forecast with light winds and a crystal blue sky expected as we made our way towards the sighting grounds. Common Dolphins propelled themselves towards the Steep Point as they stopped in for a quick surf of our wake before continuing on their way. The Patch was peaceful and calm as we moved out with eyes scanning all around as Craig made the call of blows on our port side as Blade surfaced just ahead. It was one of the most remarkable greetings as Blade began to pec slap and then rolled over for some inverted tail slapping. Suddenly he launched into enormous full body breaching as the ocean erupted with white water and human cheers to see such a magnificent sight.

The fun continued as the surface activity flowed amongst the pods as members of Kidji and Queens family spread out as far as the eye could see for a day of socialising. The calves were wrestling and playing when a dorsal fin not belonging to Orca surfaced alongside, a Sunfish had chosen the wrong spot to be in today! The calves beelined him and cheekily spun him around as the Sunfish responded by using his body and dorsal fin to fight back against the Orca. He needn’t worry as he is not on the Orca menu and after a while they allowed him to swim off unhurt but rather flustered along with his fishy friends who had clung to him during the entire interaction for shelter. Surrounded by Orca it was truly incredible to watch the behaviours and social interactions unfold with much vocalisation heard throughout the day.

The calves had been carrying a tiny morsel of food which indicated that a kill had been made earlier on in the day, no wonder they were all in such a happy mood. The calves gathered alongside us as the tiny morsel was daintily pulled apart with much vocalisation which was incredible to listen in on the conversation amongst the family pod. Samurai was back buzzing the Go-Pro again as all the calves took turns in echolocating not only the camera but our vessel as well with much curious interest and plenty of chatter amongst them all today. Returning back towards the coastline we celebrated with champagne as we said cheers and thank you to the Orca for allowing us to Join The Pod with them today and create memories to last a lifetime.

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