Orca Hunt in the Bremer Canyon

Orca Hunt in the Bremer Canyon unfolded today as on our arrival dozens of Shearwaters and Albatross circled a distinctive oil slick and within moments the Orca appeared and raced straight towards our bow. A special greetings for what was set to be a very special day as B-Slice and his pod began to surge as the next hunt began. Racing underneath us and bow riding, the sheer power of the entire pod was incredible as they mimicked torpedoes flying through the Southern Ocean. The hunt was successful and B-Slice happily carried around mouthfuls of fresh squid and so did the rest of his family members. It has only been a year since our last sighting of him, but during that time B-Slice has filled out incredibly fast and is now one of the larger males hunting in the canyon.

All was content until a second family pod began to approach from behind, Jandamarra and his family were now moving towards the fresh meal. Dominant displays ensued as all pod members on both sides began to breach, tail slap and head lunge to communicate the Language of the Orca. A spectacular display of power, speed and efficiency of movement which had us well and truly captivated! Two Sunfish, sleepy Australian Sea Lions and acrobatic Common Dolphins completed a very special day with the Orca hunt in the Bremer Canyon.

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