Orca in Australia

Orca in Australia can be found in Bremer Bay during the summer months as they gather to feast in the nutrient rich waters off the Great Southern coastline. A lovely morning to be heading out to The Patch as we scanned the horizon for signs of activity as a distinctive and large dorsal fin broke the surface, El Notcho and the family were still in forage mode from yesterday! It had been a long and consistent search for a meal yesterday for this family pod and we could see that Cookie had honed in on a particular area. Continuing to spend her morning foraging the entire family were disciplined and patient as they closed in on the area they had been working for over twenty-four hours now. It was lovely to spend some time with them again and watch as they worked together and tried different dive tactics amongst the pod members to flush out prey.

Exploring the area to see what other pods were also foraging we moved out and it wasn’t long before we met Queen and Alki leading their family to the east. The family pushed quickly and spread out in an impressive FLOT line as over twenty-five Orca charged towards us as Wandering Albatross soared overhead. It was brilliant to watch as they covered ground efficiently with all age groups joining in with the fast paced trip back to the heart of the feeding grounds. It was also a great opportunity to spend some time with Nani who has grown so much over the last eight months. His body, dorsal fin and overall strength has increased dramatically and he is looking fantastic as he starts to mature into his older Orca appearance. Little Grace is still as gorgeous as ever as she raced alongside her mother Dot to keep up with the family and seemed to be loving every minute of their busy day. Orca in Australia are such an excitement to meet and Bremer Bay provides a most wonderful opportunity to spend some time with these apex predators.

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