Orca Journeys with Whale Watch

Orca Journeys with Whale Watch on a most magnificent day as we enjoyed the company of matriarchs Cookie and Matilda along with their family pods. Departing the Bremer Bay Boat Harbour we made our way offshore with light winds and a gentle swell as we closed in on The Patch. Upon our arrival dorsal fins glided past as Cookie and family moved out towards the west and we joined with them for the journey ahead. El Notcho was as handsome as ever with his towering dorsal fin cutting through the calm conditions as he moved out wide of the main family pod. Foraging was the focus this morning as each pod member settled into the steady rhythm of dive and surface time as they covered ground efficiently. Oreo has grown so much and is showing more and more signs of independence as Cookie no longer has her little shadow glued to her side 24/7 which provides Cookie more time to dedicate towards the rest of her family members.

Joining the forage was a family pod we love and don’t see all that often, Matilda! It was El Notcho who spied them first as he approached younger male Banjo and seemed to welcome the family pod. Picking up speed and moving together we now had both families travelling in unison as the wind completely disappeared and we were gliding with the Orca in silky conditions. The waters surface became glassy and we could see the Orca swimming just below the surface with the powerful movements of their fluke sending footprints adrift behind them. The family pods were relaxed as they travelled and it was fantastic to observe these two families working together. Today certainly felt like the calm before the storm as we enjoyed spending time with the Orca in lovely conditions before the weather rolls in tomorrow. 

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