Orca (Killer Whale) Gold in Bremer Canyon

We always knew the Bremer Canyon was a special place, we even found gold at the end of the rainbow today! Two familiar family groups greeted our arrival in what was looking to be a very busy morning of feeding. Oil slicks were sighted everywhere as food was shared amongst the younger crew with two juveniles and tiny calf coming right up to give everybody a good morning hug in Orca language. Little did we know that there were three enormous Sperm Whales feeding underneath our feet 1,000 meters down that would resurface one hour later.

The older Orca in the group appeared to be “bread crumbing” as they moved along we could see oil slicks appearing every few hundred meters behind them. The juveniles and young calf would socialise with us and show off their rainblows before quickly catching up with the adults. We then joined with El Notcho and his family as we watched them travel for four hundred meters or more before turning around and travelling back in the same direction.

We contemplated what they may be focusing on with these movements when suddenly three bull Sperm Whales resurfaced within 300 meters of each other. Two large oil slicks also had appeared and these would most likely be linked to the Sperm Whales. Three magnificent sounding dives later we confirmed that all three individuals were separate and added these new Sperm Whales to our growing catalogue. Wandering Albatross joined us throughout the day while Brock the male Australian Sea Lion was having a conversation with his girls which is the most activity we have seen out of him so far!


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