Orca of Western Australia

The Orca of Western Australia are incredible to spend time with as we witness them hunt, socialise and thrive in the Bremer Canyon. Today it was only a matter of minutes once again before the distinctive tall dorsal fin or a male Orca broke the surface amongst the soaring seabirds. A hunt had just taken place as an oil slick glistened the surface of the Southern Ocean and the bird numbers increased as the scent of this oil spread. It was B-Slice and his family again who had split up into two seperate pods to enjoy their meal, kiddy creche to the right and adults to the left.

The meal was enjoyed thoroughly as each Orca took turns to tear their mouthful of food and seemed to savour every bite below the surface. Bellies full and energy relaxed they began to cruise through the Patch as they rested and prepared for their next meal. An opportunity arose and the hunt was on again as they surged ahead, white water looking like fireworks on the oceans surface! Another oil slick formed and an afternoon snack seemed to be had before they returned back to an afternoon siesta, efficient hunting at its finest from the oceans apex predator.

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