Orca Sighted off Perth!

Exciting report from observant local Cory Nyman who along with his mate Liam Andela sighted a pod of over 20 Orca just 20km off the coast of Perth on July 31st. The Orca were moving at speed and believed to be in pursuit of a mother Humpback and her calf. We have named this Pod the #RottnestPod as we keep getting sightings of them in the area over the last few years. Thank you to Cory and Liam for both taking notice of such a significant event and contacting us. The key to learning more about the movements of Orca along our coastline is in the hands of our locals, anyone out on the water and keeping an eye on things provides the perfect opportunity to be in the right place, at the right time. Congratulations Cory and Liam on sighting some of the most elusive Orca off the coast of Western Australia and we hope they didn’t scare your fish away!

The Orca that traverse the West Australian coastline are continuing to capture our interest as we start to observe more and more their actions and the resulting impact on other cetacean species along our coastline including Blue Whales, Humpbacks and Southern Rights. Being the apex predator, their journeys along the WA coast could better explain food availability for the different cetacean species migrating and any possible territories for these Orca pods. They are fast, mobile and incredibly intelligent which means tracking them is difficult as they travel hundreds of kilometres to secure a meal. The best way we have of understanding their moments is visual observance and perhaps once we get a better understanding of these pods and can track them, satellite tags or similar devices may be a possible option. For now they continue to travel along the coast surprising everyone as they go, the power and mystery of the Orca is captivating!

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