Orca Surge

Orca surge had the momentum flying today as Slater was amongst many leaving the location of a Beaked Whale predation and enjoying some wake riding along the way. It was a cosy cloud cover this morning which was set to burn off later in the day as we made our way towards The Patch and upon our arrival a large congregation of Shearwaters could be observed. A vast oil slick had formed and the heavy scent of a Beaked Whale predation was immediately noticeable as Slater surfaced with a chunk of meat he was enjoying immensely. It appeared the Orca had once again been successful in another hunt with the family pod regrouping and within a few short moments we were amongst the Orca surge. The families were spread as they moved with ease and covered ground efficiently as they sent white water flying along the way. Slater who has been nicknamed after Kelly Slater the surfer due to his eye patches looking like the skeg of a surfboard was in fine surfing form today. A big breakfast meant plenty of energy as Slater surged towards our stern and dropped in on some white water as he propelled through the bubbles left behind in our wake.

It is always an exhilarating moment to watch on as an Orca surges directly towards you and those beautiful faces of the Orca are coming your way. Eventually they had made a very long surge all the way to the west and it was time to regroup as Kidji and her girls meandered for a little while before heading back towards the east. It was a steady and consistent journey as they all covered ground efficiently before lovely male Hookfin with a few fresh scars (trying to serenade the ladies most likely!) found the family and they began to move out towards the south. It was soon clear why the Orca had diverted as we could see over 150 Pilot Whales on the periphery. The families were utterly relaxed and social as they mingled together and a few of the cheeky teenagers enjoyed some wrestling. It was most amazing to see some of the newest members of this pod as tiny new calves surfaced with one only a few days old as mum gently guided her little one over to say hello. One of the slightly older calves was full of confidence and even decided to complete a big spy hop with eye wide open just off our bow, how adorable and needless to say we were all completely in love. It was the perfect way to end another special day out in the southern ocean and spend some time with the remarkable creatures that call this special place home.


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