Orca Surging in the Southern Ocean

Orca Surging in the Southern Ocean on a picture perfect morning in the Bremer Canyon! Arriving in beautiful conditions with warm sunshine all round, we scanned the horizon carefully for signs of activity with the seabirds mostly taking a break with the light winds. That was until a few moments later when the distinctive blow of an Orca reached high and all eyes pointed forward. B-Slice and his family were at play in the Bremer Canyon and completely surrounded us, their meal from yesterday had filled their bellies and all members of the family were in a very playful mood.

Racing underneath and around us, they continued to play right through the morning and included us in their game. After a couple of ours the hunt was back on and they all began to surge west at high speed. A magnificent sight to watch as the pristine Orca surfed through the swell right alongside us and moved in on their next meal. Appearing to be squid this time, after a 17 nautical mile trip they had secured lunch and shared every morsel amongst the family. The rest of the afternoon was spent moving back to the Patch completely surrounded by the family as the glided right alongside us, we had well and truely Joined The Pod today with beautiful memories and moments captured.

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