Jan - March


The Bremer Canyon is the summer feeding grounds for these apex Dinosaurs of the Deep.

This is your opportunity to be a part of a new frontier of research and development with Whale Watch Western Australia

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Discovered by marine researchers just a decade ago the Bremer Canyon plays host to the largest congregation of Orca's in the Southern Hemisphere.

It is believed that a very deep Antarctic flow enters the canyon gathering bio carbons which create a nutrient rich environment which collides with the Leeuwin Current flow and the topography of the canyon creates an oceanic eddy.

This interaction creates nutrient rich up welling waters where phytoplankton develops and an intense food chain for marine life propsers.

Orca's are at the top of that food chain.

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Orcas are the largest of the toothed whale from the oceanic dolphin family.

Orca males can measure 6-8m in length and weigh in excess of 6 tons, females are slightly smaller at 5-7m and 3-4 tons.The largest ever recorded was 9.8m and weighed 10 tons.

Extremely social and inquisitive these apex predators are regarded as the best hunters in the ocean.

Join our Pod as we discover the Bremer Canyon Orca's.

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Bremer Bay Boat Harbour

Swarbrick Road,
Bremer Bay, Western Australia
January - April

5 hours south east of Perth.

One of the most pristine eco wilderness areas in the world.

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