Orca’s At Sunset

Orca’s at sunset created a special day as beautiful conditions and a special Orca family greeted us in the afternoon and we travelled together until sunset. It was a very beautiful morning and a lovely journey to the Patch, on our arrival there was a peacefulness and with minimal birdlife we began our search for the Orca. Watching carefully we came across a large congregation of birds which hovered around an area of interest. Watching and waiting a while, no Orca appeared so we continued our search and tracked the movement and pathways the Orca follow time and time again went they go on their foraging hunts. Often in the early afternoons, if the Orca have been wondering they will often return back towards their favourite place during this time of year. Sure enough, as we made our way back towards the Patch in the afternoon blows were sighted as the Orca returned.

The distinctive dorsal of Nani appeared and he was surrounded by his family members including baby Grace who was looking fit and well. She is now starting to surface more like an Orca and a little less like a buoyant cork as her coordination and strength continues to build. The family was moving through the outskirts of the Patch and scanning for the evening meal as the sunlight turned the oceans surface into a liquid gold appearance. The Orca moved gracefully through the calm conditions and travelled alongside us, the stillness of the afternoon extenuating the sound of their exhale and inhale. Wishing them a successful evening of hunting ahead, we toasted our glasses of champagne to the Bremer Bay Orca and a beautiful day in the Southern Ocean.

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