Orcas Feeding in the Bremer Canyon

Orcas Feeding in the Bremer Canyon on a spectacular day of adrenaline and feasting as we arrived to a cloud of Shearwaters and surging Orca. The birds could pick up on the energy of the Orca as they stretched out and they were tracking something that was moving just ahead of them. It took all of a few seconds for the Orca to go from forage mode into hunt mode as they all launched into surging and raced towards their escaping prey. Queen came flying towards us as she enjoyed wake riding and it was exhilarating to be surfing with the Queen of the Bremer Canyon. Her family had secured their meal and it was time to feast as they spread out and shared the spoils amongst the family pod.

Queen came over to show off their meal and we had the opportunity of observing the intimate sharing of food as the youngsters each took their turn to tear and pull their mouthful of food from one of the elder females of the family. Sharks and Shearwaters scavenged for scraps in hope of securing their meal before the little pieces of food slipped to over a thousand meters depth below our feet. The Orca enjoyed every mouthful as they ensued everyone had their share of the meal. Further family pods were also in the area as matriarchs Kidji, Cookie, Lucy and Alki foraged with their family members through The Patch in search of their meal. A fantastic day observing Orcas feeding in the Bremer Canyon and watching the important process of how a meal is found, captured and shared amongst the family pod. The Orca have been feeding well over the last week and it is great to see the meal moment continue to grow as we move further into January.

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