Orcas In The Mist

Orcas in the mist on an Autumn day in Bremer Bay as four family pods mingled in The Patch. After such a long journey to the East yesterday we were excited to observe who had returned to The Patch and if the families we were with yesterday were still eastbound. Cookie and Cheryl along with their family members were in foraging mode and tag teaming together in search of brunch right in the heat of The Patch. El Notcho is much older than B-Slice and it is interesting to observe the difference in dorsal fin size and shape between the two males. Searching to the West for just a little while, the families then tracked back towards The Patch and Cookie led the way to find her family some food. Surging up ahead as the energy changed dramatically and we could see that it was Three Stripes racing past our bow, she was in a hurry! During the next twenty minutes the family seemed focused, appearing to be tracking something and it was shortly after that an oil slick appeared on the surface and hungry Black-Browed Albatross and Shearwaters began to gather.

A successful kill had been made of what appeared to be an unfortunate squid that survived the chase of the surge but was pushed out of hiding in the depths below by patient Cookie. The meal was enjoyed quickly before Oreo came over a few times to play just below the bow then the family was off again. A pod of 20+ Orcas in the mist began to swim towards the area and we smiled to see the one and only Queen (Split Tip) travelling contently with Noosa and Alki along with their family members including calves Stormy and Grace. Young male Nani is looking good from when we sighted the family last month and it is lovely to see them all doing so well. Queen was carrying food with her as another oil slick formed but that wasn’t too surprising as the Queen of the canyons once again displayed her apex abilities, a formidable huntress. Gentle rain showers rolled through and we were pleased to see the families doing well and finding food after yesterday’s long search.

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