Pallinup Canyon Pilot Whales

Pallinup Pilot Whales were enjoying a perfect day amongst the picturesque conditions as a glassy sea and smiling Pilot Whale faces popped up to say hello. It was a beautiful morning as we departed the Bremer Bay Boat Harbour and made for a quick journey out towards the sighting grounds. All eyes scanned carefully as we covered ground steadily with the odd Shearwater or Albatross soaring past occasionally. It was peaceful and with todays big blue sky the horizon stretched on forever as we moved a long way to the west on our journey towards the Pallinup Canyon. Small flickers of white water were observed heading towards us as we could see over 200 Pilot Whales cruising over to say hello. All age groups were interested in approaching as they surrounded the Steep Point with spy hops, fun wrestling amongst the juveniles and belly up looks at everyone onboard. Pilot Whales are a beautiful species and wonderful to see in the wild, incredibly social and interactive they will often seek out our vessel to approach and spend some time socialising.

Tiny new calves swam alongside their mums while amongst all that twisting and rolling we could see the lovely anchor shaped markings along with distinctive saddle patches and wispy eye patches. Spending some time with them we made the most of the beautiful day and it is always a joy to be surrounded by so many Pilot Whales! Wishing them well we forged on and continued our search for the Orca as we arrived back in The Patch by the late afternoon. The heart of the sighting grounds was still quiet and the energy depleted amongst the seabirds who remained scanning the oceans surface. Unfortunately the Orca families have spent both yesterday and now today outside of The Patch and main sighting grounds. Although extremely unusual for this time of the season it is why we have our lifetime tour guarantee as when working with wildlife every season is unique. Tomorrow will be an exciting day and we look forward to exploring The Patch once again and seeing the return of our apex predator friends.

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