Peaceful Pilot Whales of Bremer

Peaceful Pilot Whales of Bremer were skimming the surface as the glassy conditions provided a window into their watery world. The picturesque day provided the perfect opportunity to see the reflection of the white saddle patch glowing below the surface as their gentle breathing matched the energy of the day. Moving at a gentle pace they relaxed and took the time to rest after a hectic week of foraging and feeding through the Bremer Canyons. Living in large family pods of 30-90 individuals on average they will join together with other family units and sometimes the individuals travelling together can number in the hundreds and occasionally thousands. A beautiful sight to see them slipping through the Southern Ocean and mimicking the energy of their environment. A lovely NZ Fur Seal was blinking back up at us as he awoke from his snooze and they always cause us to giggle with their charismatic personalties, they seem more surprised to see us floating around in the Bremer Canyon than we are to see them! Although small and sometimes appearing out of place in such a large and open area of water, NZ Fur Seals are well designed to thrive during their fishing trips and fill themselves full of food before heading back to their island home. A juvenile Hammerhead Shark and nursing Australian Sea Lion pup were also enjoying the picture perfect day as we enjoyed out time in the peaceful surrounds of Bremer.

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