Pearl and Leeuwi Re-Sighted

Baby whales everywhere! Such a special day today as we re-sighted our beloved Pearl the White Southern Right Whale Calf and on our afternoon tour we met our darling Leeuwi the baby Humpback and his mum who were enjoying a beautiful day out on Flinders Bay. This is a very rare and special experience to see not only a White Southern Right Whale calf but also a baby Humpback on the same day in Flinders Bay, very exciting! Both Leeuwi and Pearl are looking healthy and strong with Pearl having grown considerably since we last met her only a few day ago and Leeuwi moving very well next to his mum.

We also met another baby Southern Right calf and his mum not too far away from Pearl who were nice and close to the shoreline and having a bit of a rest in the warm sunshine. A very large Humpback whale on his own also cruised past the Southern Right nursery today looking like he was very much on a mission to find another Humpback to introduce himself to.

ID Log
Date – 2.8.16
Species – Humpback
Lat – 34 . 19. 86 Long – 115 . 16 . 51
Notes – Individual whale moving quickly