Pearl is Breaching!!!

A moment we will remember forever! Pearl was practicing her Southern Right Whale behaviours today when all of a sudden she breached and we all as one felt immense happiness… these are the special moments you dream about. She continued to breach a few more times before returning close to Mother Of Pearl to continue practicing the sunbathing move mum has perfected, but rolling onto your back when you are a baby whale is not easy at all!

Mother Of Pearl has been spending a lot of time rolling onto her back for prolonged periods this last week and we have noticed Pearl trying to do the same just like mum but she has not been able to get any further than her side before flopping back onto her belly. Today was the day though and after a few false starts she did the perfect roll and held herself like this for a few moments yipee! We are so happy to see she has achieved something she has been practicing for a long time, well done Pearl