Perfect Day in Flinders Bay

A perfect day in Flinders Bay as the sun was shining and the Humpback Whales were at play. Our morning began with very sleepy whales who rested quietly in the calm conditions. One curious juvenile swam around and around, checking us out and coming in for a closer look. Counting the barnacles on his rostrum as he swam by a large splash just up ahead caught our attention. One of the other sleeping whales had awoken and it was Language of the Whales time as he launched into full body breaching. A truely spectacular sight as he continued a full surface active display of breach after breach, a perfect opportunity for some whale selfies! After all that hard work he finally got a response as another pod towards the horizon began to communicate back with some breaching of their own. Inspired, he began a few barrel role breaches to let the others know he heard them loud and clear! A stunning afternoon as the gentle breeze disappeared completely and we were left with glassy conditions and curious whales. Surrounding our vessel and gently approaching, there were a dozen whales all within 900 meters of each other. It didn’t take long for one of the little ones to approach a pod of two and soon all three were following each other about Flinders Bay. We soon joined the pod as all three would surface right alongside us as they continued their game of “chase” around our vessel. A yearling seemed to want everyone to know he was on the move as he launched into some head lunging and breaching close to the reef line. A beautiful sight to see, the contrasting colours as this young whale honed in his breaching skills on a picture perfect afternoon in Flinders Bay.

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