Perth and Fremantle Whale Watching Tours

The Humpback calves were following in mums footprints today as two mother and calf pods raced towards our vessel with a whole crowd of males following. One of the females made the quick and very smart decision to race right under our bow and hide in our sound footprint as the second female split and raced in the opposite direction. All males seemed slightly confused momentarily and made the quick choice to chase after the second female while only one male stayed with the female hiding underneath us.

The female waited until the main pod had moved a bit further away before she surfaced with her calf and the male escort right alongside us! Staying for another 15 minutes she made good use of our vessel and sound footprint as she waited for all of the other males to leave the area before heading off and continuing her morning. We eventually caught up with the second female and by now the males energy levels had settled and they were involved with more gentle interaction including some curious spy hopping.

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